La Comunicación de los Conflictos y la Paz

When I learnt that Xavier Giró was coming to present this seminar, there was a mix of hopes and fears about his presentation.

If, on the one hand I deeply aprecciated the fact that Xavier focused his presentation on Peace Communication and how different it is from Conflict Communication, on the other hand I felt very frustrated to realize that the very class I had with him last year was the presentation he made for the seminar, therefore not presenting anything new. I must say, however, that the presenter is not to blame for giving the same presentation he did last year. To me it seems very important to focus o the organization of seminars and bring new topics to the students so that it can be assured that the students are take the best profit from this fundamental platform for peace.

Having said that, I feel glad that Giró focused on the differences between peace communication and conflict communication because it goes along with the trend that I have been trying to highlight in this blog throughout the semester: peace issues do not necessarily have to be accompanied with conflict matter. In fact, this was one of the very few seminars that dealt at least with the need to also address peace and not only conflict.

Moreover, Xavier gives an extremely helpful approach to how media can play a significant role in working either for building peace or promoting war. In fact, media plays a fundamental role in a conflict, sometimes favouring certain sides. As Lederach puts, there is no such thing as neutrality in a conflict.

The very name of this blog stands for this philosophy that I try to establish: Si Vis Pacem, Para Pacem is a twist of the famous expression Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

So, Si Vis Pacem, Para Pacem stands for “If you want Peace, Prepare for Peace” and do not prepare for War, like the original latin proverb says.

So, to finish this post, nothing better than Xavier himself to put share his view on this very topic:



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