Justicia alimentaria en un mundo con recursos limitados

This Seminar Dealt with food security and a just access to it for all populations in the world. The reality nowadays is that 1 in every 7 people around the world is a victim of hunger. There is a series of reasons for that:

1-    the climate change is affecting greatly food crops all over the world

2-    the crops that before would be destinated for food production, now are going to biofuel production

3-    the oil prices is making food distribution [and food prices] more expensive

4-    the general economic crisis is affecting income distribution, exposing people to food insecurity and to job loss



Even with the limitations that the above factors present, the current amount of food production in the world would be enough to rid starvation from earth. So the question is: WHY DOESN’T IT HAPPEN?

At the root of the problem is the greed and glut of big food corporations all over the world, that move away the purpose of the food industry (which should be feeding people) to feeding their own bank accounts. So yes, there are people getting richer with food trade while people starve to death.

The seminar presented some interesting facts:

1- more than 20 billion dollars are destinated to subsidising biofuel industry, when it could be destinated to food production.

2- Also, the 3 biggest producers of cereals in the world control 90% of the market.

So, what can we learn from the facts presented in this seminar about the greed and glut of a few people that control large amounts of food production, affecting climate change, and allowing hunger to persist in the world?

The answer that I take from all those matters is: education can be a key. If people in decision-making positions could pay attention to the needs of those in other parts of the world who suffer greatly from their actions, if they were taught the value of solidarity, this situation can change. The development of consciousness and a critical thinking is highly dependant on the education people receive. As much as it is a long-term investment, this is what I believe is the key to changing world food insecurity reality, bringing a bit more equality and justice to earth.

For all that, i finish this post with a helpful and informative video:



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