Claves por entender el conflicto por el narcotrafico en Mexico

In the previous seminar post I have mentioned the reasons why I believe it is important to focus more on the issues related to Peace rather than on the issues related with conflicts. Following the same trend, I would like to take the last part of this seminar presentation and focus a bit more on it. On the debate after the presentation, I stated that, although the presentation on facts and figures of narcotraffic violence and conflict in Mexico was a very accurate presentation, I wish the seminar explored better the final part “Reacciones hacia la Paz, desde las Victimas”. This, to me, is what seems the most urgent issue nowadays.

The presentation mentioned a few initiatives that seem to have a much greater impact than the militarization of the security in the countryside [which in fact raised the violence and homicides number].

Some of the initiatives were: No + Sangre, Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad y Red Global por la Paz en Mexico [in a campaign which I personally took part in Castellón de la Plana]

For this post, however, I’d like to show a different NGO that has been dealing with a much deeper topic that, in my opinion, offers a truly long-standing peaceful approach: CreeSer (click on the link to access their webpage)

According to their website, their mission is “Construir una cultura de paz que transforme las situaciones de violencia en oportunidades de desarrollo, a través de acciones formativas dirigidas a personas y comunidades en México”

And a fundamental tool that is commonly forgotten by those who seek to implement such a change is an inform on the impact of their peace work. For CreeSer, in their 2010 report, they supported 8 schools, more than 3000 children, 83 mothers, 140 teachers and 1400 peace promoters, accounting for almost 5000 people in the region.

For me, this proves to be an action worthy of presentation and a case study to be learnt from people promoting actual peace in mexico, and not just combatting the narco-violence.



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